Amma Trained 20 women to build their own toilets target is to build 3000 toilets in their district We must pledge towards an open defecation free society. “How women of a Maharashtra hamlet give husbands an ultimatum-build toilets or go without food” Down to Earth Article getting Viral. In Tollywood Telugu Film Industry Charmme kaur Organised Program near Charminar ” Sanitation Is A Human Right” Women’s day Fighting for Toilets. Sanitation Our Religion.

World Toilet Day Sanitation Is Human Right Interesting Facts

Renuka Prajapati Student From Government School Supports and Fights for Toilets, 946 Million people worldwide do not have access to ay toilet and are forced to go out in the open. Recently WHO ( World health Organization ) Conducted a Poll on World toilet day. With Options ” Go To The Toilet” and “Grab Ur Mobile Phone” With Perfect answer. 69% Peoples voted for Go to the toilet option. and remaining votes For Grab ur Mobile phone option. Remember Toilet allows to grow up healthy and strong. Don’t admit in schools, college if they not perfect sanitary. if u facing any troubles contact Management. Complaint

Sanitary is our Right. As Per Information From last 10 Years graph analysis In 2013-2014 Year Number of Toilet increased Worldwide. Ration Decreases from 1:7 To 1:3 Improve Sanitation, Be Part of India development. Human development is India wealth. USE Safe Toilet, Be Clean Be Active Many of our global neighbors don’t have access to a basic toilet. Send a thought on Wolrd Toilet day Occasion. many state Government Supports For Construct Public Sanitary problems. 2.5 billion people do not have access to a toilet Khanapur’s Prema Timmanagoudar makes 100% sanitation her mission Hats off To Toilet winner. Lack of toilets is a big problem In Villages areas. In about 24 working days, we built 173 toilets says Timmanagoudar

World Toilet Day

Build Toilet Be Healthy Sanitation For Live Happy

Reports says Study says India has 60.4% people without access to toilet Better sanitation supports better nutrition & improved health, especially for women & children Poor sanitation & absence of good hygiene practices are some of leading causes of poor nutrition

No running water, sanitation&electricity are a reminder that the past continues to haunt the present

Nelson Mandela

World Toilet Day

Show your support this World Toilet Day by Sharing This post, feel free to share on social clubs There are nearly 15 million people in Kolkata , but only 307 public toilets, need more government public toilets in kolkata. Why not celebrate the thing on which we spend many years of our lives? Lets celebrate and share with all loved persons.

Did U Know:

Every $1 spent on water and sanitation generates a $4.3 return in the form of reduced health care costs

2.5 billion people worldwide live without access to basic sanitation facilities

Every year, around 60 million children are born into homes without access to sanitation