Why Male is A Joke in India Youtube Telugu Video Must Watch .

This Video Killed All Girls Who are Abussed Mens Everytimes. Girls Must Watch This. Video Goes Viral in Short Time. Great Innovative and emotional Speech. Gets Almost 65000 Views in 15 Hours. Great Information. Why Male is  a Joke In India Video Must Watch All. Telugu Short film Available On Youtube. This movie directed and Presented By Sri Harsha Manda. Hyderabadi Smart Boy Explain Why Man is a Joke in India will You Thinking ABout The Harsh Reality. Its Four minutes video creates goosbumps To Every Youtube Video Viewer. Its Youtube Video released and Production Presented By Crocodile Creations And Smt. Visalakshmi Manda. Cinematograpy by Murugan Gv. Music Composed By Kesava Kiran and Directed By Phani Basanth, Ravi Kumar, ram Subbu..

Maari Songs

Dialogues :

If a girl is with four boys, her friends call her  that she is moving socialy but if a boy is with four girls, he is tagged as a flirt

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Male is NOt Just an animal That produced Gametes, That Can fertilize Female Gametes He is something prodigious This Video is Dedicated To All Those Women who made our culture proud

We Know The Value of Mother who gave birth to us and that’s The Reason why all married men are pissed off.

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