The much awaited movie of sai dharam teja ” Subramanyam For Sale ” is psoters was rocking at all corners. not only social media. its creates hypes on every where. suprized story energytic actor with “PowerFul” Director. is releasing on september 24th. Sai Dharam Tej and Regina Cassandra are the lead pair in this film, which is directed by ‘Harish Shankar’ no need to introduce about director. after pilla nuvvu leni jivitham waiting quite long enough for his films to release. but waiting is happy for getting super good sucess. after so many tempting days finally over as his Powerful Film Subramanyam for sale has hit the screen today. let’s see Sai dharam teju gets his own his with acting attitude.

Subramanyam For Sale Review Rating, Box Office Collections

Talented+ Energtic + Powerful Director “Harish Shankar” has once again picked the Full flavour of “Mass” and joined an family emotions, sentimental scenes, love scenes, classic fights to it. story narration was tight and entertaining. hats off to script work. this kind of movie needs to movie lovers. mass fans are full happy with Teju Attitude. story of movie runs between family emotions and related character scenes, Harish shankar’s direction looked perfect in action element. classic fights with mass density. Teju looked stylish. we can see sytlish look. dressing sytle was awesome. Thanks to fashio desinger who dressed and designer for Teju. Harish shankar was quite confident on movie. promotions also good. decent effort to present. mega hero presentation reaches hights. for movie sucess credit must be given to director Harish shankar for making a film that will work well with the youth audiences. young peoples easily connect with story. heart touching sentiments, mass dialouges, classic action scenes was plus to the movie

Regina Looks Stylish. Bubbly Girl character and her dancing steps and language skills performance plus to the movie. she is pretty good. shows another angle in glamour. she is HOD Of Glamours beauty department. Different style, limited dialouges with damn…! expressions gave an impressive performance and has decent commercial elements Regina Caasandra is getting gorgeous with every film.

Question to Regina Cassandra From Fan :

May i know Your Beauty Secrets ? Where U Learned Telugu Language

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Her Beauty increases film by film. acting performance presentation also increases. Regina Caasandra is getting gorgeous with every film. My Feeling Wow..!! When see Speaks Telugu. Not perfectly But better than all telugu actress (Lavanya Tripati, Trisha, Sneha, Shreya, Kajal ) looks and facial expressions Was Good. Acting with decent maturity and carries off a tough role well. Regina, Teju dances brilliantly. she has matured as an actor over the last four films

subramanyam for sale review

Production values look good as the makers have made sure that Teju Setteled in TFI. Lack of clarity in Regina’s character and chemistry between the lead pair are Soo Good to see. Dancing steps and Love scenes was so good. facial expressions good. Movie Team worked hard to engage audience and bring freshness. Extraordinary dance moments and classic steps was good with Teju and Regina Combination. The film uses almost every trick in the book to awaken the sentiments which end up melting our hearts I would want to say that the director has really handled his cards well commercial  elements and good quality entertainment Mega fans may get their share of entertainment perfectly, Comedian and Comedy scenes  make the film all the more watchable. Villan characterization also good he is given a role that makes him look like every other villain

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The songs are shot in picturesque locales in USA, Canada. movie team recently released teaser look on occassion of Powerstar PawanKalyan Birthday.

Music Track List :

Subramanyam For Sale
I’m In Love
Aakasam Thassadiyya
Guvva Gorinkatho (Chiranjeevi Remix Song)


Harish Shankar Gabbarsingh “Pawan Kalyan ” fan. Presentation Kuda Same range lo undi. Teju ithe ultimate. kummeshadu anuko.. redbull Thagina Tiger la Pichcha.. Energy ga unnadu.
” PawanKalyan fan ni Gabbarsingh Cinema chushava ? ani adagakudadhu ra.. Yenni sarlu chushav ani adagali” E Dialouge ku Theater moththam Gola..Gola…
Pakka Entertainment. After Bhale Bhale Magadivoy twarvtha. Adhe range lo oka Manchi Cinema. Dance lu iragadeesharu. Family sentiments, Dialouges ithe kevvu. Miss ayye chance ledhu.. Pakka Hit.. Subramanyam For Sale First Day Box Office Collection Baguntayi anukuntunna…
Box office collections rakapovachu kani.. oka blockbuster film. Weekend ku Enjoy cheyandi. tickets for sale.. Thondaraga vellandi.. Book today.

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