Smriti Irani Emotion Speech in Parliament About Rohit Death. BJP Leader Smriti Irani Speech Video Indian Politician Criticizes Parliamentary Opposition Over Hyderabad Student’s Death Taking Serious Issue on Rohit Vemula Death personally. “‘My name is Smriti Irani. I challenge you to tell me my caste” I Never Used My Caste. Irani appeared well prepared Ready Shoot to deliver a shock and awe Thoughtful counter strike on the Opposition benches In Parliament. as she was armed with loads of documents to supplement her claims. Rohith Vemula’s body was used as a political tool.

Smriti Irani Emotion Speech In Parliament About Rohit Death JNU BJP

Rahul Gandhi saw a political opportunity in Rohith Vemula’s death. Over 600 students died during Telangana movement. Did Rahul Gandhi go once? No! In this the Congress vice-president saw a political opportunity.

I wish Congress leaders were in the House today. I would’ve told them that even Indira Gandhi had lost power. But her son never sided with those who indulged in anti-India slogans

I try to do justice to these students every day. If we all try, we can certainly move away from the deplorable situation where a child’s death is being used as a political tool.

I urge you to come discuss all challenges in the education sector with me. I have myself asked for Dalit teachers, as mentioned by some members today. My request is to come help me build that nation

Smriti Irani made a desperate plea to the Rajya Sabha’s acting chairman on Rohith Vemula’s death alleging the opposition parties were indulging in politics using the death of a ‘child.’ She said, “Have a discussion right away sir! Who uses a child as a political tool?” just to remind Irani has forgotten, it was her ministry’s letters that had described the actions of that very ‘child’ an anti-national and had directed the University of Hyderabad to take actions against Rohith and four other students. The university had later expelled all five students- a decision that later pushed Rohith to commit suicide



Swadesh Agarwal:

Hats off to you ma’am, today you have shown to entire country that what a mother feels about death of a child , and how much politics has been done on it …an eye opener who are playing dirty politics on death of human , forgetting the humanity , playing dirty politics at the cost of innocent students as their political pawn . Much more…requesting my FB friends who have made many dirty comments against government led by Mr Modi, on Hyderabad and JNU incidents , better to listen to it and understand the fact…you will realise how dirty politics is being played in the country by intolerant political parties who are frustrated due to Loss of power which they enjoyed for sixty long years..please open you eyes at least now.. Watch Smriti Irani Speech About Rohit Vemula JNU Students

Utkarsh Verma:

What a speech and answer, hats off to Ms. Smriti Irani BJP Leader
Smriti irani nailed it today… So proud of her.. Inspiring Speech
A speech, an eye opener , a slap on face of congress who plays cheap politics by teaching wrong facts of history to children of 4th and 6th standards, politicizing death of a student, exposing communist left ideology who insult our goddess durga in such words which no one can ever think.
Well done Madam

Er Nirbhay Tiwary:

It’s better to have a less educated but bold and honest minister who produced proofs of concerned authorities only on her defense in regards to JNU and how opposition played nasty politics on death of a student. Hats off to her. By a bold, emotional and heart warming speech with evidences she has shut mouth of a reckless, undisciplined and vindictive opposition

What a fiercest attack by the HRD minister Smriti Irani!!!!!, with facts and figures on a rogue opposition. Just loved it. She is often targeted on her academic career by our group of intellects. I can only say the docs she produced which includes a book by Teesta Setelvad sponsored by a former UPA minister, the contents made me feel utterly shame for some of my own country people.

Harish Mohan:

Mrs. Smriti Zubin Irani quotes the police statement. Clearly it can be observed that no attempt was made to save the student who committed suicide. She rightly says, those protesters doesn’t want justice but what they want is politics. The logic these so called Dalit saviors who are blaming BJP for everything is strange – They will let a Dalit boy die, they will not make even a small attempt to save him, but they will demand justice from a govt which in no way is responsible for the incident.

The HRD minister has a valid point as she says, in many cases where an individual hangs themselves, the vertebra doesn’t break, pulse rate goes down to 30,40 and still the individual can be revived by providing proper treatment.. just understand what kind of politics is happening in India – let the individual die, use his death as a tool for political gains.. Will Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi answer this? btw, Telangana police is controlled by the state govt and hope people know that it is a non-BJP govt.

Watch Smriti Irani Speech Video About Rohit Vemula, JNU Students

Raj Kumar Khot:

What an authority she hold over the HRD department? Please correct your facts before questioning her capability. Unfortunately, Congress and other opposition party members walked out. They must have watched her on TV sets in Parliament lobby while taking tea. She answered every single question raised by members. She proved that it is not necessary to have a degree for becoming a Minister. She has shown her intelligence, logical thinking and administrative capacity.

Congress and other opposition party supporters don’t have any logic to counter HRD minister. She is an outstanding individual, hard working labour, Electronic media and print media give half news and paint different pictures of personalities. She exposed the opposition. I am convinced that opposition parties are using university students for their political game.

Vinit Jain:
Just heard Smriti Iranis speech or rather would say clarifications regarding JNU and Dalit students death in Hyderabad. I would say every Indian should have heard her speak in the assembly. There are no words to appreciate her oratory skills. It was simply hair-raising stuff. Secondly, her clarifications hit right on the mark and it was enough to compell Congress and other supporters of anti-nationals to shut their mouth. Her appreciation of former Prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was truly welcome. Lastly, it was the quote of Atal Bihari Vajpayee that won my heart. It raised goose bumps and increased my love for the nation many folds. Kudos to Smriti Irani. Awesome speech. Whoever has heard her will definitely make every Indian proud of her and our country. Hats off
Ravi Dutt:
Kudos to Smriti Irani, HRD Minister, for her brilliant rebuttal in Parliament on the issues of JNU, hoisting of our National flag in National Universities and death of a student in AP, and condemnable politicization of each and every issue concerning students by opposition parties