Send Money Through Gmaild Id Send money to friends with Gmail and Google Wallet Its Service Available On Many Countries.

How To Send Money Through Gmail Account By Using Google Wallet

Now its so Easy to Pay / Credit Send Money To Friends Or Family Members Through Gmail Account, Simple Process Paying back your friends and Family and Any Relationship Persons is now as simple as sending an email, Gmail Services Provides Much More helpfull Service to All Gmail Users. whether you’re Paying any amount to your US Friends Now its Paying Through Gmail.

Google Wallet is now integrated with Gmail, Google Services Provided Quickly Secured Process Intrested Candidates Can Must Be Download and Install Google Wallet Application. so you can quickly and securely send money to friends and family directly within Gmail Accounts Its Process it Best Other than any Transatctions. Bank Transactions may takes some time but its quickly process if you don’t have a Gmail address. It’s free to send money But Conditions is Your Bank account must be linked to google wallet or must be sing your google wallet balance. its Google Wallets Take low fees apply to send money using your linked credit or debit card. Transactions Charged little bit. its not effected to us Finally Google’s service that allows you send money through email, Apsecially UK , US Peoples Used This services Much.

Steps To Send Money Through Gmail :

  • Go To Gmail  – Login Gmail account
  • Compose Mail – Below Footer of Mail Box $ Symbol Click Over the $ Icon
  • Enter Amount You wish To Send
  • Provide Debit / Credit Card Details
  • Click on Send.

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its Google Wallet Services are Available only On Desktop. Till Not Yet Upgraded not available on mobile anriod Market. They Google Designers working on Andriod Application. Google Wallet Currently only Available on Desktop. You will need to have set up Google Wallet to send and receive money, and Google Wallet Purchase Protection covers you 100% against eligible unauthorized payments. its trusted and Genius Process. 

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