Robo movie star casting remuneration details movie producers are planning to Make movie Robo-2. Shooting will be start in December 12th. on Rajinikanth’s birthday special in robo movie released in telugu, tamil, hindi languages simultaneously, Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai, director Shankar, music director A.R.Rahman and cinematographer Ratnavel Featuring in Robo movie. now all kollywood industry looks at Robo-3 Movie. Most awaited movie in tamil industry, Even telugu industry Rajinikanth’s fans also waiting for robo-2 movie.

Robo-2 Star Casting Remunation Details, Villain, Actress, Actors With Dates

as per buzz sources in Robo2 movie. Amy jackson pair with Rajinikanth. Arnold Schwarzenegger playing villian role for this movie Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger Takes Remuneration 100 Crores For Robo. Villain ready to create the sensation Robo 2. Other state remunation details in robo movie. Combination of Director Sankar and Rajinikanth’s Increases hype expectation on Movie. now Robo makers are ready to the robo sequel named as ” Chitti ROBO”.

Movie producers planning in large scale budget of minimum 300 crores Budget movies Create sensational in short time. Movie team planning to first schedule budget 300 Crores. As Per the reports director shankar penned script dialouges its time to show planning. movie team worked for Robo Story Line Plot. Hero Rajinikanth Remunation in Robo2 Movie, Villain Arnold Schwarzenegger Remuneration Details Updated Information Actress Amy jackson remunation details for Robo-2 Movie. Trio Combination created sensational on internet. social media networks hul-chal with Hashtags #Robo2 #ChittiRobo hope he will create new Milestones In India Box Office Collections History



Robo-2 Budget Remunation List Character Wise

In Robo Film Rajinikanth Played One is a serious looking, bearded, and talented scientist Dual role in movie. Aishwarya Rai is good too as Sana in Robo Movie. Amy jackson Character name ” regina” In Robo-2 Movie great soul of Indian soil lingers in the mind while watching this film On Floors now Check out Robo2 Latest news, Budget, Villain, full story leaked online Enthiran 2 Movie Starting date, Release date online, Enthiran 2 Story line remunation for Star casts Robo 2 will be launched on Rajinikanth’s birthday falling on December 12th whopping Rs 275 crores and will be a sequel Of Robo2 Online. as per sources information Twenty seven assistant directors and ten production executives will work for the film. Shankar’s Previous Movie Manoharudu “I” failed at Box office collections. now take serious on action of Robo-2

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Amir khan also playing important role in movie. the surprise entry of Shahrukh would give some fair chances To Achieve more profits with Robo2 Movie