Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day Celebrated On February 24, 2016. Tag your pics With #pinkshirtday Hashtag in Twitter Join with US. Let’s Support for Cause. Stop Bullying. Pink Shirt Day is this Wednesday In 2016. No Age Limit to Wear Pink Color, No separate Gender. its Our Right to Wear Pink T-Shirts and Shirts. Find out how parents & teens can help Stop Bullying online

Pink Shirt Day On Feb 24 Stand For Anti-Bullying Canada Wear Pink

Pink Shirt Day No one should be bullied In Our World, certainly not because of vision loss. On Feb. 24th Pink Shirt Day Standup to bullying Will you be wearing a pink shirt in support of bullying? Bullying can happen To anyone, anywhere. If u know a coworker is being bullied, support them. It’s more than a pink shirt. It’s standing up for & supporting those who experience bullying Feb. 24 marks National Pink Shirt Day, a movement that began in Nova Scotia in 2007 Here Provided History Of Pink Shirt Day, Pink Shirt boy and Girl National Bullying Pink Wearing Tshirts and Shirts. Wear Pink Bullying Pink Tshirts In Canada. Anti-Bullying Messages Status Images Pics Are Updated Here. National Anti-Bullying Day 2016


Pink Shirt Day will be held on February 24th spread anti-bullying message with pink shirts Join with Us Pink Shirt Promise campaign. School and College Students Are Actively participated In this special Pink Shirt Campain To Prevent Bullying. Students promote the importance of standing up against bullies during Pink Shirt Days Special Occasion Day. Around 2 Lakhs Join Together and Express Feeling On Bullying. Pink Shirt Day spreads anti-bullying message spreading some kindness On this year Special day.

pink shirt day Anti Bullying

PINK Shirt Day 2016 Stand UP – Stand Together Show Your Support Wear Pink On February 24, 2016

pink shirt day Anti Bullying

The opportunity to share the Pink Shirt Day anti-bullying message on Social Sites facebook, Twitter Combinedly Joins For Cause. And Gets Positive Harm Reports on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Campaign For Spread Anti-Bullying Messages. Spread Messages with love Not Hate. Show Your Support With T-Shirts, Dress Code. Pink Shirt Day spreads anti-bullying message On Feb 24. Buy Official Pink Shirts Online

I was crying & the kids were crying. At the end they all hugged & I think the message was clear. #PinkShirtDay

Spread Kindness:

We urge everybody to transparently express that “Thoughtfulness is one size fits all”. We all have the ability to spread consideration and that is the fundamental logic behind our hostile to tormenting development: a development we trust lives year round past Pink Shirt Day. All things considered, generosity never leaves style

History Of Pink Shirt Day Activities:

The original event was organized by David Shepherd and Travis Price of Berwick, Nova Scotia, who bought and distributed 50 pink shirts after a male student named Charles McNeill was bullied for wearing a pink shirt during the first day of school. As per sources information Six years ago, after a boy was seen being bullied at Nova Scotia Higher Education school for wearing a pink shirt, Other Students Decided to Come to Schools with Pink T-Shirts. All Male Students Support to Classmate. Pink shirt Day Born. Police Department And Educational Managements also Supports For this Cause. At middle of Canada Around 10 Thousand peoples Wearing pink T-Shirt and Standup Against Bullying.


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