Shravanabelagola is located in 140 Kilometers From Bangalore. Famous Visiting Place and Best Place to peace and power. its total Place of Shravanabelagola Maintained by State Goverment of Karnataka. its Place of Pilgrimage For the jains.  Its Statue made of Granite Bedrock its Tallest Free Standing Statue in the world. Gomatheswar Statue Enlightened Sages of Jainism. Gomatheswar Known as Bahubali. They Jain Devotees Celebrating Festival Ocassion of Anointing Ceremony Called as Maha Masthaka Abhisheka Ceremony. The Gomatheswar Statue in This Festival last Day The Jain Devotees Praise Thousand of Gallons of Milk , Honey, Water, Scandal  and eight varieties of sandal paste Over the Head of the statue. The Jain Devotees Belived on Bahubali to Acquire Powerful Charge of Spiritual energy. To Maha mastak Abhishek ( The Great Head Bathing Ceremony) Festival Nearly 2 Millions Of Popels are visit this Bahubali temple. The Head Anointing Ceremony Festival Celebrated only Once Every Twelve to Fourteen Year Peroid. Its Festival depends upon jains followed calender. Previously the festival celebrated in 2006 Feb. might be next celebrations is Jan – 2020, n ceremony shower of flowers from a helicopter.

Shravanabelagola Gomateshwara Bahubali Temple Statue History | Full Information | Bahubali History

statue of Bahubali in a meditative form in 981 AD its big wonder to see Shravanabelagola Gomateshwara Bahubali Statue Worth to Watch Festival Celebrations. Its Unique Statue. its only one no similarties Available in Whole World. World Hightet Monolithic Statue with external Supports.  Statue Height is 17.6 Meters. this is Histroic Statue. Carved Granite Stone in 983 C.E its Statue Curved Desiged By Chaavundaraay. 

Accoridng To The Jain Literature Bharat and Bahubali were two of the sons of Bhagwaan Rishabh Dev, After His Father Dies They Brother Decided to Rule The Kingdom to Rule they distrubuted all  assects. Bharath planning to rule whole place of country, Bahubali Never Agree with Bharath Ideas. they ready to fight for leadership.Challenged by his brother Bharatha over the succession to the throne, Bahubali took on Bharatha in a duel that involved three forms – Drishtiyuddha, Mallayuddha and Jalayuddha Bahubali Dropped in fight and Decided to Leave Kingdom For Brother Bharath. Bahubali stood in deep meditation and radiated the glow of spiritual Meditation

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Statue Name : Bahubali | Sri Gomateshaya
Temple : Shri Gomateshara 
Location : Shravana Belagola
State : karnataka
Height : 17 Meters – 57 Feets

Conception |Birth | Renunciation | Enlightenment | Salavation Gorgeous

Festival Name : The Great head Anointing Ceremony
Build : 930 A.D ( 2300 Years Ago )
Maintained By : State Goverment of karnataka
Train : Available
Air Plane : Available at Bangalore
Bus Route : Avaiable Direct Bus also Provided.
Trip Plan Cost : Depends Upon From and TO.

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