Nowever Days Traffic Jams / Traffic Congestions Is Major Problems. By Traffic Congestions Effects we Sufferer, Causes To Late Office Entry, Big Trouble to School and College Students Here provided Causes and Solutions For increasing Traffic Congestions Essay Writing On Traffic Jams, PDF Powerpoint File, Slideshow download On Traffic Jams, Traffic Congestions Its much Useful To School Students easy to Get Win School Competetive Essay Writings and Speech Programs

Main Reasons For Traffic Jams Causes /Traffic Congestions Solutions

Autos, road side vendors, RTC bus, private vehicles parking on the roads. Give hammers to traffic cops rather than giving camera. Ask them to punch on the vehicle which is parked in no parking place, in between the roads by these every one will follow traffic rules as they will be feared of getting damaged of there vehicles Road Jams in Hyderabad Causes and Solutions Main thing is Metro Construction Constructions Unnecessary Diversions Feeling Busy by every person which creates a tension and increase in misuse of Vehicles which creates tension and cause for traffic and other reason is Traffic Police who are un necessarary getting quarrels with general citizens Try to Avoid Vehicle using, Use Cycles for daily uses at near centers. Avoid Traffic Jams

Main Reason To Traffic Jams n Cities:
Here Provided Main Reasons To Traffic Jams in Major Cities, Many Cities Suffered with Heavy Traffic, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Bombay and Delhi many Cities are Troubles with Heavy Traffic

Important Reasons Causes To Traffic Jams

The first main n important reason is blocking free left by any Vehicles.
Lack of driving skills by many citizens due to non-follow of traffic rules
Sharing autos/Auto Rickshaws stops whenever n wherever
RTC buses have a rule that they have to drive on right side of road i.e, beside Divider but the bus bay is on the left , they take a sudden cut and stop next to the bus bay creating traffic jams

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Causes For Traffic Jams

1) Roads one and only reason for this hectic traffic, Many people suffering with backbone issues only because of Damaged roads
2) Shared autos, Auto Rickshaws Are Stoped everywhere, make Non-sense violent to Road Traffic Rules
3) Logically Busses and autos should have been given the left lane.. A bus cutting across right lane to stop and again cutting across left to right lane , disturbs the flow of traffic.
4) No fines or penalty for bad driving habits, aggressive driving , wrong overtaking , lane and junction discipline .
5) E challan system should be followed only automated …constables wielding cameras aren’t controlling / managing traffic , most of the time only happy with clicking photos… Earlier seeing a constable at junction people used to be a bit scared to break laws , since it was a hassle if cops stop them.. Now most don’t care..
Because they know at the maximum the constable will just click a photo..

avoid traffic jams
6) Bad road conditions especially on the left lane .. If you do a survey I am sure that you will realize that on most of the roads with free flow of traffic only 60 to 80% of the road with is in use.
7) Junction improvements with overpasses / underpasses / flyovers for signal less junctions… This will greatly improve the flow of traffic and remove bottle necks.
8) Removal of all obstructions / footpath shops, parking , bus bays from at least 100 meters from important and busy junctions…
9) Fines and penalties for driving habits rather than the customer licence , RC and insurance checks
10) signals doesn’t work properly, bad shape roads, no proper controlling of traffic. Traffic Rules Restricted by Major autos.

How To Prevent Traffic Jams, Congestions Solutions Best Answers

To Avoid Traffic Jams, Prevent Road Accidents Here provided Best Solutions Indiscipline in vehicle driving. Two wheelers are major cause for traffic jams. They are everything, left, right centre, in between vehicles. Some years ago, two wheelers were kept to the extreme left of the road. Otherwise were fined. Now they drive zig-zag and cause traffic jam The major reason for traffic jams are road encroachments, improper bus parking at bus stops to pick up passenger, public don’t sense of driving according to tracks of the roads There are many reasons major cause is the density of the vehicle in the current road width, To Prevent/ Avoid Traffic Jams we are lacking flyovers over flyovers we are ages behind/ 2nd people should you vehicle only in use/ no challan collection during peak hours concentrate on traffic rather than challan/ i have an idea where the traffic police can give individual cards to computers linked to there bank account/ if they violate it should be deducted from there account instant

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How To Prevent Road Accidents

Irrelevant Driving of Two Wheelers and Three Wheelers. No one follows the lane, always looks for small room to move forward. Pedestrians walks on roads cause all footpaths are occupied by street vendors or shop keepers this is the beauty of Hyderabad. The sub-lanes which merges with main roads are major threats for traffic jams Primarily autos for not following lane driving and unskilled car drivers.Lane discipline can reduce some hassle.If a city like Mumbai can manage with a moving traffic on roads with lane discipline, Hyderabad should be a bit better Avoid Traffic Jams in Hyderabad

How To Avoid Traffic Jams/Traffic Congestions :

All Free Lefts Should be wide/extra widen by 2/3 lanes only for Free left. and a fixed Stone/concrete partion/separation should be made min 200 mts before free left. So the Free Left Traffic can flow freely…Now all bikes, Autos/cars are coming in Free left too and they are occupying the Free Left Space in all signal junctions…All Free Lefts should be widened with min 2/3 lanes capacity …once this is done in all junctions in the city at least traffic can flow freely…I feel this is one main solution for Traffic Problem in many signal/junctions areas

1. PUBLICISE the convenience of taking the ORR on FM radio, Local TV & print media and at traffic islands.
2. ENCOURAGE it’s use by introducing monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly passes which is a win-win for the users and the govt.
3. Develop more bypass/alternative roads to hot workplace destinations from top residential areas. Hope these make sense.

Traffic Rules Instructions Follow Be Safe

Everyone is commenting as if they follow all the traffic rules properly. Most people don’t want to wait for signals to turn green. Follow Traffic Rules Safe Journey. Traffic Jams Essay For School Students, Traffic Jam Essay For School Kids, Prevent Traffic Jam Solutions for Traffic Accidents Follow Traffic Rules Carefully