South Indian Actress Aarthi Agarwal Died in New Jersey Due To Liposuction surgery Telugu flm industry shocked when heared this news. as per latest information and police reports she underwent a liposuction surgery from three months ago for a telugu movie ame yevaru. She is the one of the tollywood talented and beautiful actress in telugu film industry.

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she ruled tollywood in short time. she acted almost all heros in telugu starts With Megastar Chiranjeevi (Indra ) Victory venkatesh (Nuvvu Naku Nachchav,Sankrathi) Nagarjuna (Nenunnanani) Prabhas ( Adavi Ramudu) Ntr ( Andhrawala ) Mahesh Babu (Bachi) Nuvvu leka nenu lenu (Tharun)

Aarthi agarwal born in Atlantic city, New Jersey USA. Tollywood, Bollywood, Sandal Wood, Kollywood industry Celebrites condoloing and expressing their compassion, demise of aarthi agarwal. in Her carrer nuvvu naku nachchavm Nuvvuleka With Tharun Bags two super hits at that time she situated as tollywood queen. In 2003 She accepted Sucide this was much affected to her personal life. Its really sad news to hear as per family members information she was in the hospital admitted for a mnth and suffered from heart attack. Aarthi Agarwal Death Story

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aarthi agarwal family members reactions to her sudden death. Adithi Agarwal Interview talking about sister sudden death, industry gossips rounded.Aarthi agarwal dies at 31 age. Due to failed liposuction surgey Mystery Surrounds death of talented beautiful actress Aarthi agarwal. she was acted many movies in time period of 2001 to 2004. Manager Uma Shankar claims the death was not with failure of liposuction. This information is crusial to us. 
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