Inspirational Tweets Of Abdul Kalam. He Is Leader, Former Of india, Next Step Common Man, Always Think Forward Big Achiever, Talented, Artist So Many Talented So Many Awards So Many Rewards Never Describes About His Personal carrer. He Always Thinks About Only India Country. He is Pride of Our Nation. Make More Feel. Proud To be Indian Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Tweets Collected By Abdul Kalam Official twitter Account. He Recently Joined In Facebook Also. So many Peoples are Came and Go. But APJ Always Special. He Is Special Man To Kids Amazing Man To Young People, Leader To Youth Perfectly He Is Former. Developer

Here Collected Our India Country Pride APJ Abdul Kalam Tweets Collections From Twitter Accounts Just Read Carefully.
Golden Words Not Repeated. Yes. APJ Words Always Telling SOmething New To Thinking High Achieving Goals Perfectly Make Comforts Never Feel Never Thinks About Failures
Think Big. Achieve Big, If Your Dreams Are Big. Your Hardworks Also Same Like Your Thinking Of Way

There is no greatness without simplicity, righteousness and truth.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) July 15, 2015

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He Humble Character.

Knowledge makes you great

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) July 5, 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam  Inspiration Quotes ” Knowledge Makes You Great”  More Sucess Means More Hardwork Just Do Work Never Think About Failures and Sucess

There is no right way of doing wrong things. Righteousness is not only the better of many ways, it is the only way.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) June 13, 2015

Some1 asked me..Whats d simplest way to do d right thing? Ans. Do what will make your mother smile! Do it with integrity and full hard work

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) June 7, 2015

Somedays ago in Mumbai .. this little girl asked me a question… “Can I shake hands with you?”. I answered “Yes”

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) June 6, 2015

There is no substitute for hard work with honesty..absolutely none.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 20, 2015

Today spend five minutes to think. .”what talent, thought, knowledge or attitude is unique in me?”

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 18, 2015

When the mother smiles, the nation is happy.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 17, 2015

Leadership position can be inherited. but leadership capacity can only be built.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 15, 2015

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 14, 2015

When God is with us, who can be against.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 11, 2015

Have the courage to think different and be unique.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 10, 2015

Dream dream dream.. dreams lead to thoughts .. thoughts result into action.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) May 8, 2015

Being unique should be the motto of the youth.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) April 18, 2015

There is absolutely no substitute to hard work in this world.

— APJ Abdul Kalam (@APJAbdulKalam) April 15, 2015

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