Bollywood…pls stop portraying women as objects!!!!! Pls be decent and bring out movies that add value..and not some stupid skin shows degrading the position of our women in the society In Films Last 10 Minutes Shows How Men Thinks ? and Gives Last 15 Minutes To Value to Womes, its Not Pair. Real Cause Behind Every Rape In India. Im Surely Not Saying This Is One Encourage But I Have Say This Factor Much affected To Common Peoples. Be Aware.. Crores Peoples Watching Movie some Peoples Inspired with Movie Some Another Got Talented and Show Heroism on Real Life. But In Fact Real Life and Reel Life is Much Differ Than Others I Request You One And all who are Encouraging and Supporting To This Culture. Its Happens Only In Hindi. Our Culture and Tradition Now is Only On New Papers, Book Front Pages. Its Time Changes. Im The Change. Start From Yours. You Only First Step and Last Step To Any Particular Moments. You Only Create Revalvtion and You Can Dismiss At Any  Time From Any Issue. Choice is Your. Be Men Social Responbility.. Be Socialized Be Active..

Watch  Video Here 5:11 , 7:32 , 8: 55 Seconds Videos are Crucial Dont Miss And Dont Jump

Source : No Country For Women 

Indian Culture, Traditional Means Not Only Dances, Festival Its Depends Upon  How We Live ? how We Respect On Women in Our Counrty ? Thinking Ability On Nature Things Socialize Many Peoples Using  Social Media Networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams, Google+ Why All Peoples Shared / Liked Always Actress Hot Spicy Pics Why U Not Think About Social Responce. Its Cause For Good. Better  India. When Women In Safe Our Country Thats Real Freedom Our Traditional and Indian Culture Knocks at World Wide. Situated On One Among places In Wold. Be Safe. Its Not Only Bollywood Movie. its happen same in Many Languages Telugu Film Industry, Tamil Film Industry,  Hindi Film Industry Every One. Must Socialized.

No Country For Women is a national campaign to change the problematic attitude of a country toward half of its population. It fights problems of gender-based violence and discrimination through

i. Education: conducting workshops in schools and colleges

ii. Conversation: distributing written and audio-visual material through social and mass media channels to spark informed conversations about social change

iii. Action: funding and promoting proposals for effective long-term solutions